Superstitions and Beliefs about Garnet

Garnet is believed by many to have special properties that do many different things. The birthstone for January, garnet, has a lot of different mystical and health related purposes according to some. It is believed that if you place 3 or more garnet stones on your desk you can increase the amount of success in your business life. It is said to contain properties that bring you success in business and turn around financial issues. Also, garnet jewelry is believed to have the ability to make a person self confident and even increase their overall popularity with others. Although, self confidence can contribute to popularity all on its own, it is said to be a protective stone, keeping those going on trips safe from harm. Some also believe that it can make friendships stronger and bring people closer together. That would make garnet or garnet jewelry the perfect gift to give to a friend.

Garnet is also said to have healing properties. It is believed that if you sleep with a garnet stone under your pillow than you will be cured of depression. These apply to red garnet in particular. The stone is said to hold the power to purify the thyroid and spleen when held over the areas. It can also be used on the head or held while meditating in order to connect with past lives. It is a symbol of purity, truth, love and compassion along with helping you feel secure, increasing spirituality and increasing sex drive.

A Painter in Melbourne

I just hung up the phone with the head of the senior center here in Perth and was ecstatic.  I had got the job to paint the center’s lobby! It was my biggest job to date.  Usually I just paint rooms when people move into new houses or want to change the color of a wall and spice things up, but never an actual business.  I couldn’t wait until my wife returned from the store to tell her.  I knew she’d be excited.  She’d probably however put a little bit of a damper on my joy of getting the job by mentioning that I was the only painter in Melbourne that worked for free, but still, a business!  I’d be happy to do that definitely.

I guess I should have mentioned that I volunteer my painting services.  I could never come up with a number to charge people, and I really enjoyed just painting walls, so I painted for free as long as the person bought the paint and tools I’d need for the job.  Painting put me in my safe place.  I was alone with my thoughts and enjoyed that time alone with them immensely.  My wife didn’t mind either even though she dropped the hint that I should charge but it was my hobby.  I didn’t nag her about hers, she knitted pot holders for what seemed anyone who showed any interest in them, and she didn’t charge them for her work or even the yarn, so we basically were even.

A business!  I couldn’t wait for her to get home.

Uniqueness of Titanium Rings

Titanium-RingsIt’s time for me to do something a little different from my norm.  Yesterday I went on a blind date and the girl I was with said I had nice hands and that I should get a ring to show it off.  I figured she was already having pictures of a wedding band sitting on my left hand ring finger so that was the last date with her.  However, the nice hands compliment stayed with me and I thought maybe I should look into getting a ring.

I went to a jewelry store and asked to look at their selection of rings.  The salesman said that he wanted to get my ring size first, so he took out a bunch of measuring contraptions and found my size.  I’m a size 11 according to him and his Willy Wonka system of picking out a size.  He got a case full of rings and told me to look at those and see if any of them “spoke” to me.  Boy this guy was a card.

There was a ring that did catch my eye however. I tried to make it sound like I knew what I was doing and asked him if it was silver.  The salesman said it was one of his favorite in their collection of titanium rings.  I had to ask what titanium was, and he said it’s very strong and makes a good base for a ring, and that it was a little bit like silver though; so I had been right in my assumption. Either way, silver or not, I liked it and bought it on the spot.

Getting the Best Macaw for Sale

I have always been so fascinated by tropical birds. I’m not sure what it is but something about the colors and the way they act just brings me back to the tropical islands that I love so much. After going back and forth for years I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to bring one of these animals into my home. I decided to look for a macaw for sale since I have always loved those especially.

Difference Between a Macaw and a Parrot

While searching for the best tropical bird to buy I learned a lot about the differences and similarities between them. Macaws and parrots belong to the same family, parrots being the larger family name (so a macaw is a type of parrot). Another perk of owning a macaw is that they are fruit eating animals. You can feed them with food that you already have around the house and won’t have to buy any special food similar to dog food or cat food.

While most people seem a little apprehensive about owning a tropical bird such as this, it really has been such a joy having one. I am always excited to have people over to show off our bird and to tell them how easy it is to find a macaw for sale. It really has been nothing but a joy and I would hope that everyone would be able to find an animal to enhance their lives.

Run a Motel as a Second Career

Run-a-Motel-as-a-Second-CareerMy husband and I were both nearing retirement age. While we were excited to enter this second part of our lives, we are not the sort of couple who like to sit around. We started to look for a small business that we could run once we retired. We didn’t want to move from our hometown so we were limited to buying a business in the area. One day, we saw a motel for sale, and at the same time, we both realized it would be the perfect career for us. We are both social, we are organized, and we both come from a business background.

Before diving in to the motel business, we did some research. We spoke with motel owners to find out the challenges of running a motel. And before making an offer on the motel that was for sale, we looked at the motel’s financial records for the last few years. The motel had been profitable but those profits were starting to decline. Both my husband and I thought the decline was probably due to the motel needing to be updated with new systems. It also needed to be painted and it was easy to see that it needed some minor repairs.

Once we bought the motel, we started updating it. It took several months and a lot of hard work but once it was finished we saw an increase in bookings almost right away. Running a motel as a second career has been the perfect way for us to spend our retirement.

Wedding Car Hire in Melbourne

Wedding-Car-Hire-in-BrisbaneMy husband was very active in helping plan every aspect of our wedding. He decided that he should be in charge of some of the details too. He wanted the wedding to be a joint partnership just like we planned our marriage to be. He decided he would be in charge of the selection of location of the reception after the wedding. He also wanted to select the suits for the men, the gifts he gave his groomsmen, the wedding car and the location of our much anticipated honeymoon.

Planning was going very smoothly for him until he got to the decision of selecting a wedding car hire in Melbourne. He had several reputable companies to chose from. Each of them offered some unique selections among their cars. He really had his heart set on a classic car. It was a little more expensive, but I am so glad he did all of the research and found a great classic car for us to depart the ceremony from.

We ended up with some great photographs of us leaving the wedding ceremony in the classic car. I even had some special photographs printed for him in black and white of us waving from the backseat of the car. They look great in his office. He told me that he loves to look at that picture everyday. Now he says he plans to save and purchase a similar car to restore because he has such fond memories just from that one single ride.

Many Places to Find Masquerade Masks

Places-to-Find-Masquerade-MasksI need a masquerade mask for a party in a few weeks. I thought I would have to go to a specialty costume shop to find one and I was worried their selection would be limited this time of year. My neighbor already bought her mask and I was surprised to find out that she got it from our local department store. After doing some looking, I found out masquerade masks are carried at many different stores that I wouldn’t expect: even my favorite quirky home goods store has masks.

At first I thought they must just be for looks but it turns out they can be worn! The major retail store in my area also had a few masks for kids and adults. Online is where you I found the biggest selection of mask. Two big online retailers had so many different masks that I couldn’t look through all of them. I could also order a custom mask online which sounded like a lot of fun but was more money than I wanted to spend.

The price range on masks was varied. Ranging from just a couple of dollars for something inexpensive and made of plastic and glitter to more expensive ones that had beads and feathers and were made of good fabrics like silk and leather. After I spent a few days looking at different types and styles of masks I was able to find one that would go great with my outfit. Taking the time to find several stores that carry masks let me pick the perfect one.

Finding Outdoor Furniture For Small Spaces

Outdoor-Furniture-For-Small-SpacesThe other day, I was looking for some outdoor furniture for our little patio. I wanted a small bistro set in wood or metal; just enough space for two people to sit with cups of coffee. I was disappointed that the only thing I could find were formal “outdoor living spaces”. Fancy dining tables and sofas with floral pillows; everything was designed to host a Martha Stewart garden party. There wasn’t a little bistro set to be found. I asked one of the retailers why the furniture was so large and formal and she told me most suburban home owners were trending toward creating formal outdoor areas where they could entertain. I live in a condo with a cute little patio and I wanted to be able to enjoy quiet weekend mornings out there but I was starting to think that wouldn’t be possible.

When I mentioned this to my neighbor, she suggested I should look online at some of the larger discount retailers as well as try some of the second-hand shops in our area. She was right, even though the retail stores seem to only carry larger and more formal outdoor furniture, I found a wider selection of outdoor furniture online, including several bistro sets. After double checking the dimensions of my patio, I ordered a pretty wrought iron bistro set. When it came, I was a little disappointed that the bistro set was dark grey (I thought it was black) but this was easy to fix with a can of spray paint and sealer. Now I couldn’t be happier with my small table and two chairs.

Golf Carts – A Multi-Purpose Vehicle For The Home

Golf-Carts-–-A-Multi-Purpose-Vehicle-For-The-Home-225x300When we moved to the country, I was surprised to hear my husband say we should get a golf cart. While we had a large amount of acreage, it was by no means massive. Plus, what would we really need with a golf cart?

It turns out I was underestimating the usefulness of golf carts. A golf cart, particularly a gas powered golf cart can be surprisingly utilitarian. The cart my husband and children brought home is a two-seater with a large cargo space in the back and it drives over dirt trails well.

In no time, I saw why my husband wanted to get a golf cart. For instance, our mailbox is a little ways down the road from our house and it was so much easier to hop in the golf cart and run down there than it was to get in the car. When it came time to do work on our land like clearing tree limbs, the golf cart was even handier than I thought it would be. Soon, I started to use it around our house as well, such as redoing the garden beds. It was so much easier to load all of my gardening supplies into the golf cart and drive them to the garden beds all at once instead of lugging them one heavy supply at a time.

I think the golf cart has made my children more helpful, as well. They are willing to do small errands like check the mail and help with yard work because they get to drive the golf cart!

Giving My Parents A Special Surprise for Their Trip To Melbourne

My parents were coming to visit and it would be the first time they saw our new home. I wanted to do something special so I decided to hire a limousine. It seemed like such a fun way to get them from the airport to my house, plus they wouldn’t have to wait in the long airport queue for a taxi. It also seemed like a great way to let them relax after their long flight.

A little bit of research showed me there were several limousine hire companies in Melbourne that did airport transfers and I could choose from different types of cars. I decided to hire a limo instead of a sedan because I thought my mom would get a kick out of it. The hire sydney limo company asked me several questions about my parents and I could tell they were as interested as I was in giving my parents a good experience. The hire sydney limo service even asked if I wanted a bouquet of flowers waiting in the car for my mom. Of course I said yes!

My parents could not have been more excited about their trip. My dad said he was so surprised to see a chauffeur driver holding up a sign with his name on it. The trip was very pleasant for my parents. It allowed them to relax and my mom said it was like being on a brief, luxury tour of Sydney as they were able to pay attention to the beautiful scenery instead of the busy roads.

I hadn’t planned on it, but my parents enjoyed the car trip so much that I decided to hire a limo for their return to the airport. Not only did I know they would enjoy the limo trip but using the limo service meant I didn’t have to worry about their taxi being late and my parents missing their flight.

Advice from Locksmiths-Melbourne

Advice-from-Locksmiths-BrisbaneLooking for a locksmith in Melbourne is not too difficult as there are a number of them  offering their services on line. I find that they all promise the lowest price and 24 hour availability. Some of them specialize in car keys and transponders. They can do key cutting and  keys that require computer coding. I suppose they can deal with immobilizer locks. I think car keys are getting more and more complicated.

I did not realize that locksmiths could deal with video and CCTV systems in the home. I think most locksmiths in Brisbane will offer to do a free security audit because the chances are they will find security gaps in my hope protection like window locks and deadlocks.  I think changing the lock combinations on the house when I move in is a really good idea. Otherwise, How will I know for certain who else has a key? If you have a number of different locks they can standardize them so that you only need one or two keys. No one wants a bunch of keys to carry around. I was advised to get a really  extra strong door lock. The dead bolt lock is probably the best I was told. I could also fix a keyless door lock with a strip card.

At work I discovered that I could have a master key system which would allow access to parts of the business premises but not others which is handy if you want to restrict access to certain areas.

Adding Slot Machines To Our Club

Adding-Slot-Machines-To-Our-ClubWe renovated a space in our club so we could put in slot machines. We ran into a problem with finding slot machines for sale that we didn’t expect. There were a lot of slot machines available online but the prices really varied depending on which company you purchased from. And in some of the pictures, it was also hard to tell what type of condition the slot machines were in. I was discouraged to see that most of the slot machines for sale online were older machines that had been refurbished.

Our goal was to put new machines in our club but I was having trouble finding them. We wanted new or at least newer machines because the machines would come with a warranty and updated games. It turns out casinos get almost all of the new slot machines while pubs, clubs, and private homes are typically considered secondary-markets.

Not wanting to give up, I contacted a casino equipment company that sold new and used slot machines. They didn’t have any new games at the time but the dealer said he would try to find new ones for us.

About a week later, he called to say he had tracked down several slot machines that were only three years old. The machines were in very good condition and the dealer said we would be able to get a maintenance package on them. Best of all, the slot machine games were pretty new. Although we had a few setbacks with finding the right slot machines for our club, I’m glad we didn’t give up. Our members are just as happy playing our slot machines as they are going to the casino.

Taking the Wine Fridge Out of the Kitchen

Wine-Fridge-Out-of-the-Kitchen-200x300I’ve always wanted a wine fridge but didn’t think I could have one because I have a tiny galley kitchen that doesn’t have room for an under the counter fridge and my counter tops are so small that I really couldn’t afford to give up space to a wine fridge.

I guess I’ve talked so much about wanting a wine fridge because for my last birthday, several of my friends got together and bought me a wine fridge. It is one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received but it left me with a quandary: Where to put a wine fridge.

Obviously it couldn’t fit in my kitchen so I started to think outside the box. In my living room, near the front door of my apartment is a little alcove with built in shelves and a wider bottom shelf. It is supposed to act as a desk or office area but since I use a laptop, I’ve always used the space just as a catchall. I started to wonder if it would be a good place for a wine fridge. Then I thought it could be a great area for a mini bar.

It turns out I was right. The area is perfect for a bar. The wine fridge fits perfectly under the desktop. On the desk I arranged a few bottles of liquor and I use the shelves to hold glasses. The mini bar looks amazing and I never would have done it if my friends hadn’t gotten together and given me such a great gift. Wine fridges don’t have to be regulated to the kitchen so if you’ve always wanted one but didn’t think you had the space, take a second look at your home; the perfect space is probably right under your nose.

What Is A Baby Bean Bag?

The first time I heard the term baby sleep sack I had to scratch my head.

We were looking for a baby bean bag for our newborn and I was pretty confused about what that was let alone this sleep sack thing others were talking about.

As it turns out, both are names used for the same item.

Now the tough part; what on earth is a baby bean bag?

In my mind I imagined a miniature size of a bean bag I would use for summer camp and when I finally saw the baby sleep sack it turns out I wasn’t too far off the mark.

The design of the baby sleep sack is pretty much a smaller version of a sleeping bag with the difference of fitted holes for arms and a head to stick out.

Once I got that sorted out I had no idea there were so many different types. What I mean is that in addition to different colours and printed designs to choose from, they also come in different thicknesses.

As it’s so important to regulate the temperature in our baby’s nursery, we had to pick the right thickness of material for the room temperature.

It’s not complicated as simple charts are available to assist with the proper selection.

Once we started using a baby sleep sack two things happened. Our newborn slept longer between feedings and more restfully. That in turn allowed us to have more restful sleeps as well. The baby sleeping bag was a miracle worker in our home!

Baby Bump Suit

Some women get a maternity swimsuit that is designed to hide their expanding stomach or their larger breasts. But this idea of maternity swimsuits seems to be a thing of the past more and more everyday. Today’s modern mom is much more likely to be proud of her pregnancy and the way her body looks while she is carrying her future child.

I was a little unsure of the way my body looked in the beginning, but thanks to some really great supportive friends, I realized this was a time to be celebrated and my body was something to be proud of.  I started out wearing loose t-shirt and baggy sweatpants, but as time went on I began to embrace the more common body hugging maternity wear that is available now.

When swimsuit season rolled around, I went maternity swimsuit shopping. The first few I found were rather disappointing. They were designed to mask the body. They basically looked like a loud Hawaiian shirt attached to black underwear. Ugly and unflattering are the best words to describe them. Then I found some that accomplished what I was looking for, they showed off my baby bump. I was so happy to finally find some that embraced my new body instead of trying to hide it.

I spent a lot of time in my maternity swimwear at the beach and got a lot of compliments from other women about how flattering the swimsuit was to my pregnant body. I hope other women can be as proud of their baby bump as I was

Two Legends Behind the Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are something that you have likely seen before but not known or understood the meaning of. These are the commonly seen rings that have a small heart that is in between two hands with a crown on top. Many people have different ideas about the history of the Claddagh ring.

One of the legends that is most commonly accepted as the beginning of the rings is the one about Richard Joyce. Richard Joyce was a young man who was very in love and ready to start a family with a young woman in his small fishing village. He was a young fisherman who ended up being captured and later was sold into slavery. The tale goes on to state that he was purchased to be a slave for a goldsmith.

While working for the goldsmith he learned the trade himself. When slaves were released he was able to return home to Ireland. It was here that he created the first of the Claddagh rings and took it to his love to show that his heart was always with her.

The other legend that is commonly associated with Claddagh rings is that of Margaret Joyce who was married to a wealthy man. Her husband died and she spent her days doing good for others and many great works of charity. Legend has it that an eagle dropped a golden ring in her lap that was to become the first of the Claddagh rings.